Tennessee troopers focus on drunk driving

Tennessee state troopers are communicating with the Department of Safety and Homeland Security to establish new ways to combat a staggering number of automobile accidents within the state. Seat-belt negligence and drunk driving are plaguing roads and claiming the lives of the populace. Tennessee residents need to be aware of the overwhelming statistics concerning travelers and the risks they face every time they get behind the wheel.

Nearly one-third of accidents in Tennessee so far this year have involved drunk drivers. Official statements also claim that citations for DUI and seat belts are on the rise, demonstrating an increase in efficiency on the part of troopers and other law enforcement personnel.

What this also suggests is that there are an outstanding number of accidents that could have been avoided. The lasting implications of drunk drivers and accidents caused by negligent persons can include psychological factors as well as the financial impact of loss of income or support if a family member is lost or seriously injured. It is prudent to know that assistance is available in securing all that is entitled to those left suffering.

Tennessee residents may benefit from securing a deeper insight of the law and what resources are available to them. No one wants to think about losing a loved one or being injured by another’s negligent driving. However, the risk is certainly there, and the best protection from the lingering consequences may be the right information or advice in a time of need and confusion.

Source: wbir.com, “Tenn. works to decrease number of deadly crashes,” July 18, 2012




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