Tennessee truck accident ends in injury and death

The exact details of a recent multi-vehicle crash on a Tennessee highway are still being determined. What is known is that the truck accident involved a car colliding with two tractor-trailers. The driver of the car, a 53-year-old male, was killed in the accident.

In addition to the death of the driver, the crash also caused multiple injuries to three individuals. The drivers of the two tractor trailers both sustained injuries as a result of the collision, as did the passenger in the car. There is no report of the nature or severity of those injuries.

The preliminary investigation by the Tennessee Highway Patrol indicates that the car was travelling eastbound on Interstate 40 when it apparently crossed over into oncoming traffic. A tractor-trailer heading westbound was unable to avoid the car, and they two vehicles collided. The impact caused the car to spin and strike another tractor trailer; that impact caused the driver of the car to be ejected from his vehicle.

As is common in this type of truck accident, the authorities will continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the crash. When the results of the inquiry are complete, they may be able to determine why the car entered a lane of oncoming traffic. If the investigation reveals that the driver of the car was responsible for the two collisions, his estate may be pursued for recovery of the medical and other expenses incurred by the victims, as well as additional damages. The victims may be well advised to explore all of their avenues for legal recourse as the investigation continues.

Source: wbir.com, “Crossville man dies in accident involving 2 tractor trailers,” Aug. 29, 2012




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