Three injured in hit-and-run truck crash

Driver negligence that results in serious injury to another person is treated seriously in Knox County. The gravity of this situation can be magnified when the driver at fault in the accident was operating a tractor-trailer. The same can be said for a driver who flees the scene without stopping to see if the people in the other vehicle need help. The enormity of a collision that combines both circumstances can be devastating. Tractor-trailer rigs are involved in more accidents locally that most people would like to believe. These accidents amount to a disappointing number of deaths and severe injuries each year. Fleeing the scene of such an accident is not only illegal, but many people believe it is immoral and perhaps indicative of driver negligence.

Last month, two tractor-trailers collided in a fiery crash on I-40 near the Watt Road exit in West Knox County. One of the two tractor-trailers caught fire. Debris from the accident then struck a pick-up truck driving nearby. Two people from the pick-up truck were taken to the hospital, and the injured truck driver was rushed to a burn unit. The driver of the tractor-trailer at fault fled the scene.

Police eventually arrested the man they believed to be at fault. He was incarcerated and charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving injuries. Two of the three victims hospitalized were listed in critical condition.

The interstate was closed for hours and police are continuing an investigation of the accident to determine fault. Innocent people injured by the recklessness of another or made victim to driver negligence are entitled to pursue the recovery of monetary damages for both physical injuries and pain and suffering. A Knox County attorney dedicated to helping victims of truck and car accidents as they pursue reparation for wrongful conduct may be just what the victims need to expedite healing.

Source: The WBIR, “One WB lane reopened following fiery I-40 crash,” Wbir Staff, Aug. 24, 2011




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