Tips on avoiding a pedestrian accident with school starting

You may be relieved that school has started back up. Finally, your children won’t be underfoot all day saying they’re bored. However, you might also worry if your kids walk or ride their bikes to and from school. Pedestrian accidents are a serious concern for residents of Tennessee and elsewhere, and children are particularly at risk.

Like any parent whose children walk or bike to school, you have explained the safety rules to your kids. Don’t text while walking, look both ways before crossing the street, only cross at crosswalks and never run out into the street are some of the tips you drill into their heads on a regular basis. However, as you may be aware, your children may follow the rules impeccably, but a distracted, intoxicated or reckless driver could still strike and harm them. All drivers should know that children will be walking and biking in the mornings and afternoons. Motorists can reduce the chances of causing a tragic pedestrian accident in the following ways:

  • Always be aware of the surroundings, and watch for pedestrians and bicycles in addition to other vehicles.
  • Stop whenever a school bus’s safety arm is extended or caution lights are on.
  • Be especially cautious driving near intersections or crosswalks, and stop for crossing guards and children crossing the street, regardless of whether they have a green light.
  • Understand that children don’t always follow the rules, and they may dart into the street without warning or cross when traffic is heading their way.
  • Drive cautiously when the weather conditions are poor or sun glare is restricting vision.

Children sustain injuries in motor vehicle accidents far too often. Hopefully, this school year will be safe for all Tennessee students. If a motorist strikes your child while he or she is walking to school, you may be eligible to seek compensation.




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