To claim for workers’ compensation, do I need a lawyer?

One would think that getting the compensation you are entitled to after a workplace injury should happen without any hassle, but this is not always true. Injured workers may find that if their claim is handled incorrectly they do not receive the full benefits they are entitled to, or they may even receive nothing. If you are injured at your workplace in Tennessee, you may benefit from consulting with an attorney to help you with your workers’ compensation claim to ensure you receive the full benefits due to you.

The duty to file a claim for compensation after an injury lies with the injured worker. You have to file the claim directly with the relevant agency in your state. You also have to inform your employer of the injury in writing without any delay. If you do not report an injury, it may lead to your claim being denied.

When an employer is informed of an injury, they have the duty to investigate exactly what happened and arrange for prompt medical treatment. A company doctor may become your treating doctor, or, should the company not have a doctor, you may choose a doctor to treat you. This process can be daunting to handle on your own.

A Tennessee attorney working in the workers’ compensation field can help you understand this intricate area of the law. It is not advisable to try to handle the claim without any help from someone who knows the field, especially when the injury is serious. Serious workplace injuries are often life-changing, and a positive outcome to a workers’ compensation claim may determine how comfortable you are for the rest of your life.

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