Top mistakes to avoid after a car accident

Injuries from a car accident can have serious ramifications that can continue to affect you for a long time to come. As the costs of accidents continue to grow, filing a lawsuit can be an effective way to get compensation to cover medical bills, make up for the earnings you lose and help you afford the added living expenses that often ensue.

The success of any particular claim depends on a wide variety of factors, many of which you cannot control. However, avoiding some common errors that can sabotage your case is a good way to increase your chances of prevailing.

1. Hesitating to get legal help

People often hesitate before seeing a lawyer. Maybe the injuries do not seem very serious, or perhaps pursuing a case feels like a great deal of trouble. Many buy into harmful myths that discourage them from seeking legal consultation.

Delaying is a mistake, as the law sets strict filing deadlines, after which you can no longer pursue your case. Even delays that do not cause you to miss the statute of limitations can still affect your case. Investigating the circumstances of the crash and figuring out all responsible parties can be harder once time has passed. While you likely do not have all the facts yet in the immediate aftermath of the accident, an experienced attorney can quickly start the process of investigation.

2. Failing to get appropriate medical attention

Many people also delay seeking medical help, especially if first responders or emergency room personnel did not immediately identify a serious injury. Some severe injuries can take time to show up. It is important to receive a thorough check-up promptly and to monitor any changes in your health, as even apparently minor ones can signal a serious issue.

3. Sharing on social media

While it is important to document the accident and your ensuing condition as much as possible, keep your records off social media. Posting photographs, comments or explanations can help the defense, often in ways that you may not anticipate.




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