Tractor-trailer accident claims life of serviceman

An automobile accident involving a tractor-trailer has claimed the life of a Chambersburg hometown hero who bravely served our country both domestically and abroad. The Army scout, who was a veteran of multiple tours of duty in both Iraq and Afghanistan, was struck by a tractor-trailer while traveling through Tennessee.

The tragic event occurred shortly after noon on Saturday, Oct. 15, as the young man was traveling North on Interstate 75, near Athens. He was towing a trailer with his truck and had pulled over onto the shoulder. A tractor-trailer, also heading North on I-75, ran off the road near where the young man had pulled off, and struck the truck and trailer from behind, sending them across both lanes and into the median. The truck immediately burst into flames. Police confirmed after the fact that the young man had been retrieved from the vehicle, but had been pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

Automobile accidents can happen nearly anywhere at any time, and to anyone. It is heartbreaking to hear the community of the victim describe the life of honor and service that he lead, including nine years of service to his country — a life that has been cut short long before it should have been. It is also heartbreaking to know that his story is very common.

We all want to believe that terrible accidents that can injure or kill us or the ones we love happen to other people. This is simply not true. If you have been fortunate enough to not have been affected by a tragic accident, please take a moment to be grateful for that blessing and consider reaching out to someone you may know who has endured a tragedy. If you or someone you know has been injured or killed in an automobile accident, an experienced, empathetic attorney can help guide you through this difficult time to ensure that your rights remain protected.

Source: Public Opinion, “Local serviceman dies in Tennessee crash,” Vicky Taylor, Oct. 18, 2016




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