Truck accident in East Tennessee leaves teenager dead

Around midday on a recent Monday in mid-January, the death of a teenager marked the first roadside fatality in Chattanooga. A boy of fifteen was killed in the Tennessee truck accident. His sister, aged 16, and a male teenager of 17 were both injured in the accident.

According to investigators, it appears as if the vehicle hit a tree and consequently overturned, landing on its side. Both the sister of the victim and the third teenager were transported to a medical facility in the area. The extent of their injuries is unknown.

Tennessee authorities are investigating the truck accident. At this point in time it is unclear who operated the vehicle at the time of the accident. It is also unclear what caused the accident. However, it appears as if none of the three teenagers were wearing their seat belts, according to an official. All three were flung from the vehicle, he stated.

In Tennessee, a victim of a truck accident who has suffered serious injuries may institute a personal injury claim. Should the investigation into this accident prove that the person operating the vehicle was negligent in a manner that caused the crash, the other party or parties may elect to institute a personal injury claim. Similarly, the legal estate of the deceased teenager has the right to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. Claims for financial losses, such as funeral and burial costs, against the party whose negligent actions is deemed to have caused or contributed to the fatal accident may be made. Clearly, it will first be necessary to confirm which of the vehicle’s occupants was driving the truck, a finding that will have a bearing on any potential claims for financial damages.

Source:, 3 teens ejected in Hixson crash, 15-year-old boy killed, Beth Burger, Jan. 21, 2014




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