Truck accident leaves one person dead and others injured

Accidents occur frequently on Tennessee roads. Those accidents typically require extensive clean up which may lead to road closures or significant slowdowns.

Two semis recently crashed along the Tennessee border. The cleanup efforts by local authorities resulted in a traffic slowdown. This slowdown caused a second truck accident that involved five different vehicles, caused several injuries and left one person dead.

A semi-truck that was filled with ketchup apparently failed to slow down enough for the traffic backup caused by the first crash. The truck drove into a Ford Pickup and pushed it into a van. The driver of the semi-truck then struck a motor-home that had a trailer attached. After striking the motor-home, the semi burst into flames after crashing into another large truck.

One of the victims died at the scene of the accident. Two others were taken by air to Tennessee Medical Center. Another injured victim was sent to Jellico Community Hospital for medical treatment.

Police are continuing to investigate this fatal accident. As they do they are likely to determine the cause of the truck accident. Initial suspicions indicated that the driver of the semi-truck was at fault. If they make this determination, the semi-truck driver may face criminal charges. In addition, he may be held responsible through civil lawsuits.

In truck accidents such as this one, people who are involved often suffer severe injuries. Those who have been injured may have to endure a lengthy recovery and could face substantial medical bills. In some cases, the victims can seek reimbursement for these costs using personal injury claims, or in the case of a fatality, wrongful death litigation.

Source:, “Backup After Accident Leads To Fiery Fatal Crash,” May 17, 2012




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