Truck driver gets award for safety, but he’s in the minority

Many people outside the trucking industry may not realize that truck drivers are recognized by commercial and government agencies if they have an excellent driving record. One Midwestern man has driven for millions of miles without a truck accident, and he was awarded the Owner Operator of the Year award from the Truckload Carriers Association. The man, who has driven through Tennessee and, presumably, most other states in the nation, has driven for 2.3 million miles accident-free.

For drivers like this award recipient, the safety of others on the road is a top priority. The man says that he hopes that other drivers can look at trucks and realize that the people who operate them can be responsible professionals. He says he has passed millions of vehicles on the road and even has a truck stop named after him in his home town, but he still cares the most about safety.

Sadly, this truck driver is in the vast minority because of his spotless safety record. Too many truck accidents are caused by drivers who are negligent because they do not pay attention, they are caught speeding or they are intoxicated. Many drivers also skirt federal trucking regulations by refusing to get the rest they need as required by law – these drowsy drivers are menaces on the road.

Negligent drivers deserve to be punished for their actions in criminal and civil court. Not all truck drivers are as commendable or focused on safety as the man in this article. Those who are negligent should be held accountable for their failure to keep other drivers safe. Victims who have suffered injuries in a truck collision may be entitled to financial compensation in connection with their wounds.

Source: Pantagraph, “The extra mile: Colfax truck driver recognized for safety, altruism,” Julia Evelsizer, May 15, 2017




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