Truck drivers see into everyone’s cars, and distractions abound

People often feel nervous when they have to drive around semitrucks. They’re huge, they have blind spots, they can’t stop quickly and they just feel dangerous when you’re passing by in a sedan.

However, don’t assume that truck drivers are sitting up high in their massive vehicles, feeling as safe as can be. Because of their height, they can usually see down into all of the cars that go by them, and what they see is terrifying.

Drivers are incredibly distracted, and truck drivers see it all. A few things they note include:

  • People who are using their cellphones while they drive. Talking is dangerous, and texting is even more so.
  • People reading behind the wheel. One truck driver said a man went past with a magazine in his lap, looking down and reading as he drove.
  • Commuters putting on makeup and doing their personal grooming on the way to work.
  • Drivers who are eating and drinking as they drive. Even when they’re not drinking alcohol, consuming anything while driving is a serious distraction.

Truck drivers are also on the road so often that they see people make plenty of mistakes. They watch cars whip around in illegal U-turns. They see people driving at night without their lights on. They see people drive way too fast for weather conditions. Often, people tailgate trucks when they think they’re going too slow.

These are the types of risks that truck drivers face every day. When other drivers cause accidents and injuries, it’s important for them to know about all of their legal options.

Source: NY Times, “Think Trucks Are Scary? It’s Mutual,” George P. Blumberg, accessed Dec. 27, 2017




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