Two-car crash kills popular retired teacher

Most Tennessee drivers who are experienced in driving around the Nashville area know that traffic can get heavy on Interstate 40 during rush hour times. And whether traffic is moving at a crawl or stopped completely, drivers need to be aware of their surroundings. No one should have to fear traveling.

But one good Samaritan, who had devoted his life to teaching, was killed in a car accident on I-40 near Briley Parkway when his car was rear-ended. The impact from the crash killed the 77-year-old man, who was transporting a 14-year-old student from Japan to the boarding school where he and his wife had taught before recently retiring. The teenager was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center to be treated for injuries, but none were considered life-threatening.

The driver of the pickup truck told police that he could not stop in time because his brakes didn’t respond. Police impounded the truck to check for any defects.

Although the man and his wife had recently retired from teaching at the Seventh-day Adventist boarding school, they had continued to work there in other capacities. Besides teaching, the man also frequently led worship services.

People should be able to move freely without fearing for their lives. In this case, a man doing a good deed was killed either through the negligent actions of a driver or a brake manufacturer. If the family chose to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against either the driver of the truck or the manufacturer of the truck’s brakes, they would be wise to consult with an experienced Tennessee personal injury attorney.

Source: The Tennessean, “Educator devoted to small school dies in crash,” Nicole Young, Oct. 5, 2011




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