Two Knoxville teens die in crash

Was it unsafe road conditions or reckless driving that killed two Tennessee teens in a car accident recently? The teens’ car crossed Interstate 40 in Knoxville and crashed into an oncoming pickup truck. The crash occurred during a rain storm, but it is unclear whether unsafe road conditions are to blame for the accident.

The crash occurred just after 1 a.m. According to Knoxville Police, both victims were 18 years old and both were both from White Pine. The driver of the Honda Accord was traveling westbound on I-40 east of the Holston River bridge during heavy rains when he lost control of the car. The car spun around before flipping onto its side and crossing the grassy median and ending up in oncoming traffic.

The Accord was then struck by a Chevrolet Silverado. The two teens were killed in the collision. The driver of the Silverado was taken to the University of Tennessee Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.

It is unclear as of yet whether unsafe road conditions were to blame and whether the driver of the Accord had been speeding or driving recklessly. Authorities are not yet sure whether seat belts had been worn by any of the involved parties. In the wake of the accident, authorities closed the eastbound lanes of I-40 for more than six hours while police investigated the accident.

Stories like this Knoxville accident are unfortunately all too common, and sometimes they lead to serious injuries and death. When accidents do happen, the victims may benefit from the counsel of a Knoxville personal injury lawyer. A lawyer with experience in this type of situation can offer advice to the injured party and/or their families about what compensation options may be available to them and how they should proceed.

Source:, “Police identify teens killed in I-40 crash,” Oct. 20, 2011




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