Two people dead and others injured in recent Tennessee crash

People in Tennessee often get in their cars expecting that they will make it to their destination safely. Sadly, another driver’s negligence can turn an otherwise peaceful drive into a tragedy.

Late last month, two people lost their lives in yet another of the fatal crashes that happen all too frequently on Tennessee highways. The collision involved three vehicles and occurred on Highway 53 near Manchester. The details initially released were sparse, and it was not immediately clear precisely what led to the accident.

It was disclosed, however, that one driver and a pedestrian from another vehicle were killed and others were taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Manchester Medical Center to be treated for their injuries. The Tennessee Highway Patrol as well as county Sheriff’s officers were at the scene of the accident.

Fatal crashes are understandably tragic, not only for the victims but for their families and loved ones. Nothing can account for the sudden loss of life and serious injury. The victims who survive, along with the families of those that did not, will surely be interested in the conclusions of the official accident report in order to assess their rights and responsibilities under Tennessee law.

As families mourn the loss of loved ones and hope for the full recovery of those injured, the state courts may be called upon to help sort out liability issues that sometimes arise after fatal crashes. The victim’s and their families may be able to collect compensation if it is determined that another person’s negligence caused the tragic accident.

Source: Newschannel 5, “Two Killed In Three-Vehicle Crash In Coffee County,” March 31, 2012




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