Uninsured drivers: what happens in case of a car accident?

There is very little doubt that a motor vehicle accident is a traumatic experience, especially when resulting in serious injury or death. When a car accident occurs, victims or their families, depending on the case, may be entitled to file a claim for damages resulting from the accident. For this reason, most states have instituted legislation requiring drivers to either have insurance or proof of financial responsibility. Tennessee state law is no different.

Tennessee law requires all drivers to have insurance to cover liability or damages for which they may be responsible if involved in an accident. In addition to required minimums, they may elect to take out additional coverage for further protection. All drivers are also required to carry proof of their insurance, which they will be required to produce if involved in an accident resulting in injuries or fatalities, or damage to property in excess of $400.

Uninsured drivers may find that an accident can cost them much more than they expect. Seriously injured victims of accidents, or the families of deceased victims, are entitled to file civil claims against the drivers whose negligence is believed to have caused the accidents. When drivers are uninsured or underinsured, it may be beneficial for the victims or their families to obtain legal advice from attorneys who focus on assisting plaintiffs with personal injury and wrongful death claims.

Should it be proven that negligence was the root cause of a car accident a lawyer can assist a seriously injured victim with filing a personal injury claim, while families of deceased victims may choose to file wrongful death claims. Successfully litigated claims may provide compensation for pain and suffering, medical costs, rehabilitation costs and loss of income. Damages awarded in successfully presented claims can assist victims or their families in recovering from the stress of unexpected expenses.

Source: dmv.org, “Car insurance in Tennessee“, Dec. 17, 2014




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