Update: Driver in June truck accident named public safety hazard

The driver involved in the Tennessee accident that killed six people in late June, which was reported on in a blog post from July 1 titled “Tennessee truck accident a real tragedy” was served a court order in early July informing him that he may not operate a commercial vehicle on any interstate highway. The driver is also considered a public safety hazard. The truck accident is still under investigation.

It is reported that the driver provided false information regarding his duty status. According to him, he went off duty on June 15 and returned to driving at 7 a.m. on the morning of  June 25, which was the day of the accident. His employer’s records, obtained from its tracking system, shows a different picture. The records show that he drove on three days within this period – June 22, 23 and 24.

When he applied for his job, the driver also reportedly failed to provide information to his employer about traffic citations and accidents. Not only was he involved in an accident during June of 2013, but he also received a ticket for speeding early in 2015. In May of 2015, he also tested positive for the use of controlled substances.

The truck accident is considered one of the worst accidents in Tennessee history. Given the information that has come to light since the accident, driver negligence is a possibility. The families of the deceased victims of the truck accident may choose to file wrongful death claims against the driver and his employer, regardless of whether criminal charges are filed. Financial damages awarded in successfully litigated claims may assist the families in coping with the unexpected costs resulting from the accident. While compensation cannot change what happened, it can assist in making an understandably difficult emotional time from becoming financially disastrous.

Source: timesfreepress.com, “Truck driver in I-75 accident declared an imminent hazard to public safety“, Evan Hoopfer, July 21, 2015




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