What can I do after being hit by an uninsured driver?

All drivers should have auto insurance for the vehicles they drive. Sadly, far too many neglect this very important purchase. When they do, it’s their hapless victims who suffer the consequences — which can be quite expensive.

Do you have recourse if you are hit by an uninsured driver? Learn what steps you can take to protect yourself in such instances.

Get an accident report

Uninsured drivers will be highly motivated to keep you from filing a police report. Stymie them. Insist on calling police to the scene of the accident. With uninsured drivers, it’s more important than ever to have clear documentation of the damage and injuries.

Take photos of the scene

Shoot multiple photos from different angles to make sure that you capture all of the damage and any skid marks.

Get the driver’s information

He or she may be very reluctant to reveal there is no insurance policy in effect, but don’t let this deter you in your fact-gathering quest. Ask to see the motorist’s driver’s license and snap a shot of it.

Take down information from any adult passengers in the vehicle. If there were other witnesses at the scene, get their names and contact information as well.

Call your insurance company

Just because the other driver was uninsured does not let you off of the hook on notifying your own auto insurance provider that you were involved in a wreck.

If the damage at first appears to be minor, you may be tempted to shrug it off and go about your business without reporting it. However, doing so could invalidate your own insurance coverage for future claims. Your insurance company could be very helpful in assisting you with a claim if you have uninsured motorist coverage.

Seek medical care

What initially appear to be inconsequential injuries could wind up being much more dangerous. Getting medically evaluated after an accident is wise to rule out more serious damage. It also establishes a record of the injuries you suffered and definitively links them to the car wreck.

What about a lawsuit?

You might be able to sue the driver who hit you in Tennessee’s civil court system. Your attorney can advise you on this matter and perhaps even seek a garnishment of the driver’s wages to cover your injuries and damages.

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