What steps should I take after a dog bite?

How should you respond when you have been bitten by a dog in Tennessee? In the immediate aftermath of this type of personal injury, you probably have a lot of questions. Instead of suffering through the anxiety that can come along with being the victim of a dog attack, consider enlisting the services of a qualified attorney. You can also take some steps to protect yourself and your family after your dog bite injury.

What’s the first thing I should consider after a dog attack? The most important step to take is receiving comprehensive medical care. Without a quick response, you could risk further disfigurement or complications from your serious injury. The risk of infection from a dog bite injury is too significant — you can’t leave your health to chance. You should also consider photographing your injuries. Sometimes, your physician can help with this documentation process. Take pictures of any torn clothing and other evidence associated with the attack.

How can I hold the dog’s owner accountable? Identifying the dog’s owner is critical to filing a civil suit. In some instances, this is relatively easy, particularly if you are attacked by a dog in your own neighborhood. In other cases, additional investigation is warranted. If you have been bitten by a dog and cannot identify the owner, you may have to suffer through additional pain and suffering associated with receiving rabies shots.

What else can I do to help my case? Experts recommend keeping a journal about your activities throughout the duration of the legal case. Spend time documenting your feelings, state of mind and injury healing progress. This additional information can be useful for your Tennessee attorney. Dog owners whose animals cause personal injury should be held accountable for their animals’ actions — increase the likelihood of a positive outcome in your case by following these simple steps.

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