What to expect during a Social Security disability video hearing

As a Tennessee resident who has trouble supporting yourself because of a serious, debilitating disability, you may decide you want to pursue Social Security disability benefits as a method of making ends meet. Available through the U.S. Social Security Administration and intended for those with severe disabilities unlikely to improve with time, disability benefits are monthly payments available to approved Americans to help them get by in the absence of working.

Unfortunately, the process of obtaining disability benefits can prove difficult, and many Americans who apply for them receive denials in response to their initial applications. If you receive a denial after submitting your application, and you also receive a denial after requesting the administration reconsider your application, you may need to take part in a Social Security disability video hearing.

The video hearing process

Unless you formally request otherwise, the SSA may ask you to participate in a video hearing in front of an administrative law judge. While such hearings can happen online, you still typically need to go to a designated location at a designated time to take part in yours. You should receive word about where and when your video hearing will take place at least 75 days ahead of it. This will give you time to make sure your physicians, representatives, witnesses or what have you can be there to participate. So, what types of matters can you expect to discuss during your video hearing? Ultimately, the point of the video hearing is for you and whomever you bring with you to plead your case in regard to your disability and why you do, in fact, need disability benefits.

Often, applicants who receive denials in response to their disability claims receive them because the administration feels they did not produce enough documentation about their condition during the application process. Therefore, the more information you can produce, the better your chances of a successful outcome.




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