Why do more car accidents happen in winter?

Tennessee can become excessively cold during the winter. In January, it is not unheard of for temperatures to get as low as 28 degrees Fahrenheit. With wind chill, it can feel even colder.

This drop in temperature necessitates bundling up in warmer clothes and paying greater attention while on the road. Winter often brings an increase in the number of car accidents that take place within the state. All drivers need to be extra vigilant when driving for the next few months because there are several dangers for you to watch out for. 

Poor visibility

Before you take off in your car first thing in your morning, make sure you can see clearly out of the windshield and in all the mirrors. Wait a minute to heat up your car so that the condensation on the glass dissipates. Once you actually get on the road, you need to be mindful if there is snow or fog out. Keep your headlights on at all times, and always use your blinkers. 

Bald tires

“Bald” is a term used to describe tires that have lost their tread. Tread is essential because it allows the tires to grip the roadway adequately and prevent the vehicle from skidding. Before the winter hits in earnest, you should get your tires inspected by a professional technician. A brand new tire should have grooves measuring 10/32″. When a tire has grooves only measuring 2/32″, you need to replace it. 

Know your abilities

One common cause for many accidents, regardless of the time of year, is drivers assuming they are more skilled than they actually are. Once people have driven for a while, they may assume they can take greater risks because they think they know their abilities and they think they understand the road. Drivers need to understand that even after rain or snow has stopped falling, the road will be slicker than usual. Never take any risks on the road. If that means avoiding the roads at all costs, then that is what you should do. 




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