Woman undergoes rabies treatments for dog attack injuries

A woman on the East Coast is just one of many dog bite victims that are going through painful rabies treatments after being harmed by a domestic animal attack. The woman, who was attacked by a dog that burst out of a store while she and her dogs were outside, said that she was having difficulty paying for the costly treatments for her injuries, which are also exceptionally painful. She is undergoing the thorough rabies treatment, like many Tennessee residents, because of uncertainty about the dog’s immunization status.

The victim in this case was harmed by a pit bull that smashed through the door of a store in Philadelphia. The dog was apparently acting with territoriality because the woman was walking down the sidewalk in front of the store. Reports show that the woman’s dogs were also injured in the attack.

It appears that the owner of the hardware store and the owner of the dog knew each other, but the hardware store owner was unable to answer questions about the dog. Further, the woman was unable to contact the dog owner before the deadline for receiving treatment for rabies. That meant that the woman had to go to the hospital to get rabies shots simply because the owner could not prove that his dog had been properly vaccinated.

The incident is still under investigation by the animal control team in Philadelphia and local law enforcement officers. Meanwhile, the victim is still suffering harm and says that parts of her hand are numb because of the attack. Victims like this woman could be eligible to seek financial damages from dog owners and others involved in similar incidents.

Source: Philly Voice, “Woman starts painful rabies treatments after pit bull attack in Point Breeze,” Brian Hickey, March 07, 2017




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