Workers’ compensation claim possibility after death of miner

The investigation conducted by federal authorities into the death of a miner in Oct. 2014 has been completed. The authorities found that the miner’s death can be attributed to the fact that the foreman on-site allowed the miner to enter a part of the mine that was unsafe. In tragic cases like these, the family of the deceased has the choice to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Tennessee mine workers, like those across the country, work in very dangerous surroundings. Any disregard for safety measures by management and senior employees increases the danger exponentially. In this accident, the foreman should have followed the required rules and kept the mine worker safe. A foreman on a mining site has the duty to ensure the safety of the workers.

It is reported that the deceased volunteered to retrieve a chain, which came off a cutter head. Three of the miner’s colleagues pointed out that the operation was too dangerous as the roof was clearly unstable. The foreman watched as the miner entered the dangerous area, making no attempt to stop him. Within 15 seconds after entering the area, a large rock fell on the miner. After he was freed from the rock, he was carried outside, where cardiopulmonary resuscitation was started.

He was taken to a hospital in the area from which he was airlifted to a Tennessee trauma center. He was pronounced dead after the helicopter had to turn around when his heart stopped shortly after take-off, and he could not be revived. The family of a deceased mine worker killed in an on-the-job accident may choose to file for workers’ compensation death benefits. Benefits awarded in a successful workers’ compensation claim may assist the surviving family in dealing with many of the expenses that result from these types of tragedies, including funeral costs and an income package for the deceased victim’s covered dependents.

Source:, “Report: Ky. miner killed after foreman allowed him to enter area with unsupported roof”, Bill Estep, March 6, 2015




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