Workers’ compensation claims: what benefits do you have?

The Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Act allows for workers to claim for workplace injuries. Workers may institute workers’ compensation claims after an authorized medical practitioner has confirmed that the injury can be considered as workplace related. The responsibility to ensure benefits for workers lies with the employer.

Workers injured at their workplace are mainly entitled to claim for medical benefits and replacement of wages. Firstly, the person may be entitled to receive medical benefits. Medical benefits include medical care for work-related illnesses as well as workplace injuries. Employees should not pay for medical costs if the doctor deems them to be necessary and relate to the injury. The medical benefits do not only include treatment, but also any other related costs for medical services, supplies and aids, providing the treating doctor considers it related to the injury and necessary.

Secondly, an injured person may claim for partial replacement of missed wages. When the injury makes it impossible, or difficult, for the worker to continue his or her normal duties, the person may be entitled to a partial replacement of wages. Wage replacement benefits include temporary and permanent disability, as well as death benefits.

The Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Act provides clear stipulations regarding the timely payment of benefits, and employers may have to face penalties if they do not adhere to the law. Anybody who has been injured at work and is unclear if a workers’ compensation claim can be filed will benefit from consulting with an attorney specializing in workers’ compensation claims. The attorney is in an ideal position to evaluate the circumstances surrounding the claim and explain the legal options to the injured worker.

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