Workers’ compensation: Endot fined $51,800 by OSHA

A manufacturer of plastic pipes with a manufacturing plant in Tennessee and two other states received 18 citations on safety and health violations at one of its plants. Most of the violations were issued for safety-related programs that were not implemented, and could have workers’ compensation claims as a result. Endot Industries is the producer of industrial pipes that are used to carry gas and water, as well as pipes used in electrical and telecommunication markets.

The total amount for penalties due by Endot is $51,800. Endot reportedly failed to develop and execute a program for hazard communication where workers use acetylene and propane. A communicating program for workers in areas where they were exposed to levels of noise exceeding 85 decibels was also not developed.

Endot also failed to maintain passable clear exit routes with exit signs indicating direction. Another violation cited was the non-existence of evaluations to determine performance of forklift workers. These were all classified as serious violations, which indicate that the violation involved a significant probability that serious physical harm or even death could occur from a safety hazard of which the employer was aware or should have been aware.

The citations were issued to Endot’s Rockaway plant. The company also has manufacturing plants in Tennessee and Oklahoma. A director of OSHA said that it is the duty of Endot Industries to ensure protection of its employees. They have been ordered to take steps without delay to rectify the cited violations. Employees who sustain injuries due to the failure of the company to provide safe working conditions are free to file workers’ compensation claims which could alleviate financial strains caused by a work-related accident.

Source:, Federal regulatory agency cites Rockaway pipe manufacturing plant for safety violations, Alexi Friedman, Nov. 21, 2013




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