Worker’s fingers amputated and reattached after workplace injury

Industrial workers in Tennessee are often exposed to equipment and machinery that can cause debilitating injuries if they are not protected from the working parts. There are strict safety regulations in place, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration require companies to comply. One of the safety regulations that is often violated involves protective guards on all machinery to prevent a potential workplace injury.

OSHA recently cited a company in another state after completing an investigation into a workplace accident. The inspection followed an incident in which a 45-year-old man lost three fingers while he was operating a table saw, and his left hand got caught in it. Doctors reportedly managed to reattach his fingers, although the tip of one of his fingers had to be amputated.

Federal inspectors reported that all the company’s workers were exposed to amputation hazards because of the lack of machine guards. They specified the particular saw that caused the amputation of the worker’s fingers. They said that any worker who operates that machine would be exposed to laceration or amputation risks. Any amputation injury can jeopardize a worker’s ability to continue working and earning an income.

When a Tennessee worker suffers a workplace injury that leads to an amputation, medical expenses can be crippling. Fortunately, financial relief is available through the workers’ compensation insurance system. In addition to compensation for medical expenses and lost wages, additional funds may be provided for workers who have suffered temporary or permanent disability. Vocational training may be offered to employees who are rendered unable to continue their chosen professions, to equip them with skills that may enable them to find employment in a different field.

Source:, “Cordova company fined after worker’s fingers amputated on the job“, Shellie Nelson, Sept. 8, 2015




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