Workplace injury claims life in Tennessee

A middle-aged construction worker died on site on a recent Tuesday in mid November when his telehandler overturned. The man was busy offloading a delivery on site when the accident happened. An accident such as this leaves dependents with many questions. In Tennessee, workplace injury victims — and their dependents in the case of fatalities — may choose to file a workers’ compensation or death benefit claim.

Big machinery, such as telehandlers and forklifts, requires certain precautions to ensure the safety of workers. People working with these machines are advised to remain inside the machine should it overturn, instead of jumping out. Wearing a seatbelt and leaning into the opposite direction of the impact point can also save lives. However, when an accident happens, such precautions are sometimes forgotten.

It remains unclear what caused the large machine, similar to a forklift, to overturn. Police report that the first persons to respond to the accident found the construction worker pinned under the machine. He was declared dead on the scene.

Workplace injuries can often be life-changing or even fatal. A worker in Tennessee who has suffered a workplace injury is typically entitled to file for workers’ compensation benefits. Should the workplace injury be fatal, the victim’s surviving family may choose to file a death benefit claim. Benefits awarded in a successful death benefit claim may assist the deceased worker’s family in dealing with many unfortunate expenses, such as funeral and burial costs as well as loss of income. Compensation awarded in such instances often assists in providing monetary relief to the family during a difficult time.

Source:, “Telehandler overturns, pinning and killing construction worker in Tennessee“, Wayne Grayson, Nov. 21, 2014




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