Workplace injury in Tennessee leads to hospitalization

A worker employed by one of the contractors involved at a foundry in Tennessee was injured in a work-related accident on a recent Thursday evening in August. Very little information relating to the accident has been made available, and the company has been quiet regarding the matter.  It is known that the workplace injury resulted in the man being hospitalized at a medical center in the region and that he is considered to be in a stable condition.

The injured man’s identity has not been made public, nor were the extent of his injuries reported. No details have been provided concerning what the injured worker was doing when the accident happened. The incident is currently under investigation by the relevant authorities, and the company is cooperating with them as well as supporting the contractor and the people working for the contractor.    

This workplace injury is not the first episode to happen at this particular plant. Four other cases have occurred since 2010, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Authority.  In 2014, a penalty of $8,000 was handed down by OHSA after investigators found one serious and three minor safety violations.   

Workers in Tennessee who suffer a workplace injury may opt to file a workers’ compensation claim. Damages awarded in a successfully presented claim may assist the injured employee in meeting associated expenses, such as medical expenses as well as loss of income. The benefits awarded are designed to provide a degree of relief to the injured employee and his or her family during an understandably difficult time.

Source:, “Man hospitalized after injury at Waupaca plant in Etowah“, Alex Green, Aug. 12, 2016




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