Workplace injury: Who pays the medical bills?

Many Tennessee workers are exposed to a variety of dangers in their workplaces. While employers can do everything required by law to provide a safe workplace and workers can take every possible precaution, the fact is that accidents happen. Often in the case of a workplace injury, costs are incurred and you, as an injured employee, worry about these unexpected expenses.

Your employer may be covered by the Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Act meaning you will be eligible for medical treatment at no personal cost, as long as the injury is considered a compensable workplace injury. Payment of medical benefits range from surgery and hospitalization to dental work and eye care and just about everything in between. It is, however, important that the doctor treating you must be authorized to do so and that he or she relates all treatment to the injury suffered at work.

Not only do you have a right to immediate medical benefits, but you may even be entitled to future medical benefits — if your injuries require long term treatment. Payment of medical benefits may continue even after a settlement has been negotiated or a court has ruled on the case.  Future medical benefits also include payment for treatment as well as other related costs for medical services, supplies and aids.

The Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Act provides clear stipulations regarding the payment of benefits. If you have suffered a workplace injury and are unclear if a workers’ compensation claim can be filed, you will likely gain from consulting with an attorney experienced in handling in workers’ compensation claims. The attorney is in an ideal position to evaluate the circumstances surrounding your claim and explain the legal options available to you.

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