1 in 5 commercial trucks failed during inspection blitz

Rules and regulations are in place to help encourage trucking companies to use safe trucks. Roadside inspections help ensure trucking companies meet this expectation. A failed inspection can result in serious consequences that can include a citation or removal of the vehicle from the roads with an out-of-service designation.

Data from the most recent inspection blitz is now available. Based on this information, approximately one in five trucks received the out-of-service designation.

More on the most recent inspection blitz: The inspection blitz was part of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Administration’s campaign to help better ensure that commercial trucks are operating safely. The inspection was part of Brake Safety Day and ran on May 3, 2017. The blitz resulted in 9,500 inspections. 21 percent failed the inspection and received an out-of-service designation. Reasons for the designation included brake and maintenance issues.

A recent publication in Fleet Owner discussed the blitz and notes another inspection will occur September 7, 2017. Commercial trucking companies have an opportunity to avoid an out-of-service designation. They can take the time to proactively inspect their vehicles and make any needed changes.

Tips for victims of trucking accidents: Unfortunately, even with these rules, regulations and inspection blitzes, unsafe trucks are present. If an unsafe truck causes a trucking accident, remedies are available. These remedies can include monetary awards through a personal injury lawsuit. As such, victims are wise to seek the counsel of an experienced truck accident lawyer to discuss their options and help better ensure their legal remedies are protected.




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