18-year-old killed in weekend car wreck

A recent weekend in April turned into a nightmare for a young driver of a pickup truck. His weekend evening excursion turned into a tragedy when one of his passengers was killed in a car wreck. This tragedy highlights the vulnerability of the youth on roadways across the country.

The car wreck happened shortly before midnight on a recent Saturday evening. According to Tennessee authorities, the 16-year-old driver crossed the center line of the road on which he was traveling. The vehicle continued traveling and left the road on the left-hand side and then hit a utility pole. The impact caused the vehicle to roll.

Apart from the deceased high school student, both the driver and a second passenger, aged 17, were injured in the accident. No information has been issued regarding the extent of their injuries. Their names were not included in the motor vehicle fatality report of the Tennessee Highway Patrol, indicating they did not succumb to their injuries.

Authorities did issue citations at the accident scene. It has also been indicated that criminal charges are imminent. Regardless of the outcome of any criminal charges filed, the family of the deceased high school student may choose to file a wrongful death claim. If the injuries suffered by the surviving passenger of the car wreck are serious in nature, he or his family may choose to file a personal injury claim. A successfully litigated claim may result in an award of financial damages by a Tennessee court, which can help ease a family’s financial suffering during a time when they are already emotionally hurting.

Source: greenevillesun.com, “Student Killed In Crash“, Ken Little, April 11, 2016




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