Accounts mounting after dog bite injuries

Being attacked by a dog can be devastating and can leave victims wondering where to turn. The laws governing dog owner liability differ between U.S. states, which means Tennessee laws will differ from the laws of Ohio. However, in every state, a dog owner will be held liable for the injuries someone else suffers, especially if the attack was unprovoked, as in the case mentioned below.

A South African woman working as house cleaner in the United States was attacked by a dog while on the job about a half a year ago. She suffered severe injuries from the attack, and her medical bills are astronomical. According to her, she was busy washing dishes in the apartment she was hired to clean. She states that the dog, a black Labrador mix, attacked her out of the blue as she turned from the sink.

The viciousness of the attack had her fearing for her life. After she got the dog to release her, she went to hide in a closet while waiting for help. On her request, the dog owner phoned 911, and the victim was taken to a hospital in the area. Luckily, a plastic surgeon was on hand to try and undo some of the damage done to her face. Now, five months later, she has not been able to return to work, and she also suffers severe pain as a result of the injuries and is faced with medical bills exceeding $87,000.

With nowhere else to turn, she is considering a civil claim against the dog owners. It is important for all dog owners in Tennessee to ensure their dogs do not harm other people. Victims who suffer injuries after being bitten by dogs may choose to file personal injury claims. If the evidence proves that a dog owner acted negligently and did not ensure that his or her dog was properly restrained, a court may award financial damages to a victim.          

Source:, “‘Handy’ worker bitten by dog on the job pleads for help with rising medical bills“, Arnold Diaz, April 11, 2016




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