2 high school football players critically injured in car wreck

The Tennessee Highway Patrol reported that three high school football players were traveling in a car that was involved in a horrific accident on a recent Wednesday. The boys were reportedly on their way to join their team for practice when the single-vehicle car wreck occurred. Authorities did not state which of the three boys drove the car, but it was mentioned that criminal charges may be filed.

According to the preliminary accident report, the car was traveling north when the driver veered across the turn lane in the center of the road and then crossed the two southbound lanes and the shoulder before striking a curb. The vehicle then hit an elevated area after traveling through a grassy field. This caused it to go airborne and smash into a utility pole. None of the occupants of the car, ages 15, 16 and 17, were reportedly restrained by seat belts.

The driver and the front seat passenger both suffered critical injuries. One was airlifted, and the other was transported to the hospital by road. Subsequent reports indicated that their conditions have been upgraded from critical to serious. The injury to the passenger in the back seat was described as a mild concussion, and he was released after treatment. According to the THP, criminal charges against the driver are pending for offenses including failure to take due care, negligent lane usage, seat belt offenses and driving without insurance.

Despite the fact that the driver who apparently caused the car wreck is a teammate of the injured boys, the parents will be entitled to pursue compensation for medical expenses incurred. They retain the right the file personal injury claims in a Tennessee civil court. Evidence to substantiate a claim of negligence will have to be established before the court, and a successful presentation may lead to monetary compensation for documented financial losses.

Source: oakridger.com, “‘Critical’ Crash injures 3 ‘Cats“, Sara Wise, July 22, 2015




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