Police ID victim, driver of truck

The 4th of July weekend turned into a tragedy for a Tennessee family when the father was killed after being hit by a pick-up truck. The car wreck happened shortly after the traditional 4th of July fireworks show. The 37-year-old father of two daughters was hit by the pick-up truck after he moved into the path of the oncoming vehicle to protect his oldest daughter.

The accident happened in the parking lot while people were returning to their vehicles after the show. Police reports indicate that the 65-year-old driver did not only hit the father, but a number of other people. More people were hurt by other cars, which the pick-up driver hit while reversing. Fortunately, emergency personnel were very quick to respond, because they were in the immediate vicinity due to the fireworks show.

Three more adults and six young people were taken to different Tennessee hospitals by ambulance. The father was critically injured. He was taken to a nearby medical center by ambulance. He passed away later that evening due to the severity of his injuries.

The car wreck is currently still under investigation. Criminal charges may be filed, but there is little doubt that the pick-up driver acted recklessly and that civil claims may follow. The legal estate of the deceased victim may choose to file a wrongful death claim against the driver. A successfully litigated claim may lead to the award of financial damages, which may bring welcome relief for the young wife and daughters left behind. If any of the other victims suffered serious injuries, they may choose to file personal injury claims.




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