5-car accident in Tennessee may warrant personal injury claims

An accident in Dyersburg, Tennessee, has injured several people and claimed the life of another. The investigation is ongoing into the cause of the accident, and toxicology reports are expected to help determine if impairment was a contributing factor. Five vehicles were damaged in the collision, which sent four individuals to the hospital with varying degrees of injuries. This may allow those affected to seek compensation through personal injury claims, including the surviving family of the deceased victim.

The man that tragically lost his life was sitting at a red light facing north when the accident occurred. According to eyewitness accounts, a driver in a Toyota Avalon was driving southbound when she struck a Toyota Century and did not stop. She continued southbound until reaching the intersection where the man was sitting at the red light in an opposite lane.

She crossed the traffic lanes and struck the man’s car head-on. After the head-on collision, the man’s vehicle was pushed into three additional vehicles, which caused damage and sent other drivers to local hospitals. The man was sent to the Regional Medical Center in Memphis by medical air transport directly after the accident, where he later died from his injuries.

Until the investigation determines the reason for the accident, Tennessee officials may wait to issue any charges. The family of the man killed and the individuals that were injured in the accident retain the right to file a wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits based upon evidence of negligence. Anyone involved may benefit from seeking professional counsel to evaluate the depth of the injuries and assess their right to seek compensation for lost wages, medical costs, as well as pain and suffering related to any injuries sustained.

Source: Dyersburg State Gazette, “Accident on Lake Road produces one fatality,” Oct. 23, 2012




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