Tennessee highway littered from series of car accidents

An eyewitness account of a massive accident in Tennessee gives details of the events leading up to the debris field that clogged traffic for hours. The series of car accidents was described as “mayhem” and “heartbreaking” by one witness. She gave an account of a woman driving at high speeds with her flashers on, speeding past just prior to the carnage. It remains unclear why the woman was in such a rush; however, at last report the investigation was still ongoing.

Six cars were eventually tangled in the wreckage that injured four people and killed two more. The witness states that the car was out of control as she sped through traffic heading toward downtown. Several vehicles in the path of this driver were hit or narrowly escaped by swerving, potentially risking harming themselves in the process.

As the witness applied her brakes to avoid joining in the wreck, she witnessed a truck flipping several times as a person from the vehicle was ejected. It was not stated if the person thrown from the truck was one of the four injured, or if they died at the scene. This tragedy will likely affect many lives and families as they seek to heal physically and emotionally from their losses and injuries.

Injured parties maintain the right under Tennessee personal injury laws to seek compensation from negligent parties or their estates if they are among those fatally injured. The emotional distress from an accident can take time to heal; however, the physical trauma may require just as much if not more recovery time. Individuals who are injured during car accidents are often provided the right to file a claim and seek restitution if a car crash is proven to be the fault of another.

Source: wrcbtv.com, “UPDATE: “Mayhem” six-car accident on I-24 injures four, one dead,” Matt Barbour, Oct. 26, 2012




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