A proud father loses his son due to a workplace injury

A father is left devastated by the passing of his son at their joint workplace. A young graduate of only 21 years was working with his dad on the renovation of a Tennessee building when the accident happened. OSHA, the governmental body in charge of investigating a workplace injury, is currently investigating the accident and should complete its incident reports by the end of November.

It is reported that the first time someone realized things were amiss was when some of the people working on the site found the deceased’s car late in the day. At that point, it was realized that nobody could recall seeing the young man since much earlier. This led to a search for the missing young worker.

The deceased’s father recalls the search for his son. He started searching on the top floor, with the boss, while another worker started below. The worker down below heard the deceased’s phone ringing. The ringing led him to the body at the bottom of the packaging chute. It is believed that the deceased fell down the chute earlier the day.

The sad father regrets that the area was not made safe and that the chute hole was not covered up. Now the Tennessee father has to bury his son next to his wife. In Tennessee, a worker who has suffered a workplace injury may be entitled to file for workers’ compensation benefits. Damages awarded in a successful workers’ compensation claim may assist the father of this victim in dealing with many of the unfortunate expenses arising from the death of his son.

Source: msnewsnow.com, “Father forced to bury son after construction accident”, Michael Clark, Oct. 27, 2014




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