Car accidents, legal claims and an out-of-court settlement

Seriously injured victims of car accidents may choose to file a personal injury claim, while the families of deceased victims of accidents have the option to file a wrongful death claim. In order to establish if a claim can be filed in Tennessee, the victim and/or their family typically benefit by getting the right advice from the right people. Car accident claims are complex, and appropriate legal advice may help victims and their families to decide between litigation and an out-of-court settlement.

While some cases are resolved by way of negotiations, others require litigation; in fact, litigation often smooth the way for a settlement. When an offer made by the insurance company is unfair, a trial may be the only option. The main aim of a plaintiff’s personal injury attorney is to achieve the best results for each client. In negotiations with insurers, it is important that they realize the claimant is prepared for litigation if no reasonable offer is made.

By preparing a case as if going to trial is the goal, a clear message is sent — we mean business. In this way, clients can have confidence that their attorney will fight for their best interests. As these types of claims are complex, it is important for victims and/or their families to find a lawyer that will assist them with all aspects relating to the accident.

At our Tennessee firm, we will answer questions and offer advice. This is particularly true if the case is best handled by litigation in court because the insurance offer presented is undervalued and an out-of-court settlement would not be in the client’s best interests. We will take the time to explain the many confusing processes involved in civil claims. For more information, please visit our car accident page.




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