Animal bite injuries not limited to dogs

About 2 to 5 million people in the United States will suffer an injury because of an animal bite every year. Although most animal bites are caused by dogs – about 85 to 90 percent – other domestic animals can also be dangerous and cause personal injuries. The risks associated with a dog bite injury may look different from those that accompany a cat bite injury – but all victims deserve to be compensated for their pain and suffering.

What other types of bites can cause illness or injuries in humans? The second-most common type of animal bite comes from household cats in Tennessee. Cats can wound victims with their claws, but they are also known to bite. The animals’ long, slender teeth pose more of a puncture risk than that associated with dog bites, so those deep puncture wounds need to be carefully treated. Without appropriate attention, personal injury from a cat bite can lead to difficult-to-treat infections and other unsavory side effects.

In addition to cat and dog bite injury claims, victims may also seek compensation for rodent bites or those from reptiles. Although decidedly less common, rodent bites tend to affect children under the age of 5, and they can lead to infection and scarring. Most of those bites occur on the hands and face, making them particularly impactful when it comes to pain and suffering.

Victims of all types of domestic animal bites deserve financial compensation for their pain and suffering and medical expenses. Even a small attack can lead to serious injury or disfigurement down the road. No animal bite is too small to be considered for compensation because of the animal owner’s negligence.

Source: UpToDate, “Patient education: Animal bites (Beyond the Basics),” Larry M Baddour and Marvin Harper, accessed April 13, 2017




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