What resources are available for my workers’ compensation claim?

What are your rights when it comes to being compensated after an injury on the job? Getting your workers’ compensation benefits may not be as easy as you might think, especially if your employer or their insurer contests your claim. Make sure that you know your legal rights after a workplace injury to maximize your potential for recovering the benefits you need.

Can you be fired for reporting your workplace injury? A lot of clients worry about losing their job because they were injured. In some instances, the injury results from an incident in which the worker violated safety rules. In others, the workplace injury was not the worker’s fault. No matter what, you cannot be fired for simply reporting a workplace injury.

What if you have a hard time getting the benefits you need? The state Bureau of Workers’ Compensation uses mediation to resolve concerns associated with Tennessee workers’ compensation claims. The Bureau can help employees who have been denied benefits by their employer or the employer’s insurance company. This pertains to workers who are anticipated to recover, but it also has applicability for employees who need permanent total disability benefits.

What happens if your claim is denied? You have legal options. Insurance companies may not view your workplace injury as “compensable,” but you can challenge that decision. These claims appeals are limited by time, though, so employees need to make sure that they are working quickly to resolve the dispute. A qualified team of attorneys can help you recover the damages you need, even if you have been denied money in your Tennessee workers’ compensation claim. The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is also a useful resource for employees who need additional support.

Source: TN Department of Labor & Workforce Development, “What Are My Rights,” accessed April 18, 2017




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