Animal bites: What actions should be avoided

Animal bites are a risk any time there are animals in the home or outside, especially in the summer when there are more people interacting with them. While most animals that are pets are harmless and unlikely to hurt you or others, there are some that quickly become dangerous and seriously injure those around them.

It is fairly common for dogs to bite, but it’s not always for the reasons you may think. For instance, dogs may bite because they are ill, injured or feel cornered. They may be scared or prone to aggressive behavior. People need to understand the animal’s demeanor and be prepared for changes based on the situation around it.

How can you protect yourself against animal bites?

Animal bites from dogs, in specific, are easy to avoid if you take the right steps to protect yourself and your family members.

First, remember to never leave children alone with strange dogs or even with your family pet. They may not recognize the signs that the pet wants to be left alone or corner it in a way where it feels its only option is to snap or attack. Since children are short in stature, they’re more likely to suffer facial injuries in an attack, which is extremely dangerous.

Another thing to do is to lock up animals at frustrating or anxious times. For instance, the Fourth of July and other holidays tend to cause anxiety in animals because of fireworks and different people being around the home. Putting your pet or asking another person to place his or her pet in a safe location can help prevent bites. Our site has more on animal bites and what to do if one does occur.




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