Common myths about Social Security Disability benefits

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are vital to millions of people who are too sick or too injured to work. These benefits help recipients pay for utility bills, food, housing and transportation. Some recipients use the benefits to pay for their medical care. Whatever the reason, there are some myths out there about the benefits that we would like to dispel in today’s post.

One of the most common myths is that the benefits will replace most of a person’s income. This is so far from the truth because the benefits paid out are quite modest. The program was designed to help injured or sick workers pay for basic needs in order to survive and nothing more.

Myth number two: I will qualify if my doctor says I am disabled. Again, not entirely true. The decision to provide someone these benefits is a legal one, not a medical one, even though your doctor will play a key role in how the Social Security Administration (SSA) decides your case.

Myth number three: I will be on SSD for life once I qualify for it. You very well could wind up receiving these benefits for the rest of your life but it is not an automatic decision. The SSA will review your condition periodically, usually every six to 18 months from the date you were injured or sickened on the job.

Have questions about Social Security Disability benefits? Not sure where to turn after suffering an injury at work? That’s a common concern for so many people in Knoxville, Tennessee. Just make sure you don’t believe any of the myths out there.




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