Anxiety sufferers may qualify for disability benefits

Does anxiety affect your day-to-day living? If so, then you know that it can place limitations on everything from your social interactions to your ability to work. As a result, just making ends meet can be a challenge, and so, too, can securing the medical treatment that you need. If you’re in this position, then you need to know that you might qualify for Social Security disability benefits, which could provide you with the stability you need.

Qualifying for disability benefits based on anxiety

In order to secure disability benefits, you have to prove that you meet the definition of disabled for your particular condition as laid out by the federal government. There, an individual can qualify for disability benefits for anxiety in a couple of ways. One way is to demonstrate that you have anxiety disorder, evidenced by a variety of symptoms, or panic disorder that results in extreme or marked limitations to certain living skills, such as self-care and management, concentration, and social interaction.

Another route requires you to present evidence demonstrating persistent anxiety or panic disorder coupled with treatment that helps but that can’t be deviated from without further exacerbating your condition. Of course, you’ll need to make sure that you have a compelling story to tell that is supported by sound medical evidence and speaks directly to the federal requirements, which can be a more difficult feat than you might think.

Find the help you need for your claim

We know the challenges that come with debilitating anxiety and other medical conditions, which is why it’s important for you to focus on your health. To adequately do so, though, you need resources. If you think that you could benefit from assistance in acquiring those resources, then you might want to sit down with an attorney who knows how to build and appeal Social Security disability cases.




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