What car crash victims should know about femur fractures

Car crashes are the leading cause of femur fractures, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Drivers in Tennessee should know that the femur is the body’s strongest bone. If it should fracture, one will likely suffer many other injuries, including tearing muscles, damaged ligaments and rupturing blood vessels.

Various types of femur fractures

The femur almost always fractures along the shaft. Another possibility is a fracture at the distal end, or the end that attaches to the knee joint, in which case it’s called a knee fracture. Hip fractures, where the femoral neck fractures, are a third type. These normally occur in the elderly, who have fragile bones to begin with. The femur may be crushed as well, leading to splintering.

Pedestrians and motorcyclists at a high risk

Drivers in a crash don’t fracture their femur so frequently because the metal vehicle they are enclosed in absorbs some of the shock. Pedestrians and motorcyclists run the higher risk; although, much depends on the height and angle of the car that strikes them.

The complications that arise from a femur fracture, which range from blood loss to infection and blood clots, can lead to death if not treated right away. Even after treatment, victims may need continual rehabilitative care and pain medications.

Seeking compensatory damages with a lawyer

Most car accidents are the result of negligent behavior, such as drowsy, distracted or drunk driving. If you were harmed at the hands of a negligent driver, then you might be able to file a claim in your effort to recover damages. Before you file, a lawyer may evaluate the case and determine just how strong of a case you have. You may want to hire the lawyer for negotiations and more.




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