Broken-down vehicle causes one of many car accidents in Tennessee

A broken-down vehicle can be the cause of severe accidents, especially if it is nighttime and the vehicle is black and without lights. One of the car accidents that deputies from Tennessee were recently called to happened on the evening of Christmas day. This collision left two dead and three injured.

Deputies reported that the black SUV’s alternator stopped functioning, hence the lack of lights. It had been stationary along Mine Road in East Knox County when a westbound vehicle smashed into the rear of it. The impact caused the westbound car to swerve into eastbound traffic, colliding head-on with another vehicle, which then rolled over and landed on its roof. Mine Road was closed for several hours to allow authorities to clean up and investigate the accident scene.

An ambulance took the second vehicle’s female driver to a medical center where she was subsequently declared dead. The third vehicle’s driver, also a female, was transported by a helicopter but also died at the medical center. Three passengers were admitted to a hospital where one adult and one teenager were reported to be in stable condition, while another teenager was in critical condition.

Head-on collisions are usually frightening and traumatic experiences and can often result in serious and life-altering injuries. Individuals may even suffer spinal or traumatic brain injuries that may require costly surgery and extensive treatment, as well as care during rehabilitation. Injured victims of such car accidents retain the right to seek restitution by filing personal injury claims in a Tennessee court, while relatives whose loved ones died in fatal accidents are free to file wrongful death claims. Although financial restitution will not change what happened, it may help to cover current and future medical costs and the funeral costs of those who lost their lives in such tragic events.

Source:, Victims of East Knox head-on crash identified, No author, Dec. 26, 2013




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