Car wreck in Tennessee leaves 1 dead and 3 injured

To lose loved ones in a car accident is a heartbreaking experience, and could be even more distressing if it happens on a holiday, such as New Year’s Day. Three people were recently injured and one person was killed in a car wreck that occurred in Tennessee in the early hours on Jan. 1. There were no other vehicles involved in this accident.

Police responded to an emergency called in at about 3:30 a.m. They reported that a female driver, aged 30, hit the center median after she was unable to control the car going into a bend. The vehicle swerved across in the opposite direction again, and hit a pole that holds utility lines.

When police officials arrived, they found that the driver and the front seat passenger had only received minor injuries. Of the three passengers reported having been in the rear seat, one was dead, one was in critical condition and a third one had left the scene before officials arrived. The critically injured passenger was airlifted to a hospital, while the front seat occupants were transported to a local hospital. The missing passenger had not yet been found at last report.

Blood samples were obtained from the driver and will form part of the ongoing examination of evidence. Tennessee residents who have been injured in car accidents where they were passengers may be eligible to file personal injury claims against the driver of the vehicle. Similarly, the relatives of any passengers who are killed may be free to file a wrongful death claim. If the investigation proves the driver to have been negligent or under the influence of drugs when the car wreck occurred, the court may order restitution to be paid. This may assist the injured and the relatives of the deceased to cover the expenses brought about by the tragic event.

Source:, 22-Year-Old man killed, 3 injured in Murfreesboro crash, No author, Jan. 1, 2014




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