Car accident on Interstate 40 kills pedestrian

A car accident, whether in Knoxville or anywhere in Tennessee, can have devastating consequences. Fatalities can happen in an instant. One moment a person is driving on the Interstate. The next moment their car runs out of gas, and the occupants walk along the road shoulder seeking help. In a flash, a car accident happens and disaster strikes.

Many of us have experienced car problems on the highway. Walking along the side of the road when cars are speeding by can be truly terrifying, particularly at night. Sometimes there does not seem to be much of a choice, and a decision is made it is better to go for help than remain in the car.

In the early hours of the morning on July 23rd, three men were walking along the shoulder of Interstate 40, near Walker Springs Road in Knoxville. Their car ran out of gas, and the men got out of the vehicle. While they were walking, someone driving a Ford Ranger struck two of the men, killing one and injuring the other. The third pedestrian was not hurt.

The car fled the scene of the accident but was located by police (along with its driver) a short time later on Walker Springs Road. The second victim was taken to Parkwest Hospital and treated for what were termed minor injuries. A police investigation is reported to be ongoing.

Any time a pedestrian is injured or killed as a result of another road user in a car accident, the law requires negligent parties to compensate victims (or their loved ones) for any injuries, and also for any pain and suffering they have experienced. A full and impartial investigation may help to reduce the likelihood of similar accidents in the future, and also provides a basis for pursuing justified claims against persons deemed at fault. An attorney aware of the laws and procedures in Tennessee may be of assistance to those affected by accidents of this nature.

Source: Knox News, Pedestrian killed in I-40 accident, Knox News Staff, 23 Jul, 2011




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