Car accidents cause more than physical pain in Tennessee

There are many reasons why car accidents occur on Tennessee roadways. Weather and road conditions, negligence, speeding and medical concerns are only a few of the common factors involved in many car accidents. One recent accident involving three vehicles may have involved one or more of these factors. So far, officials believe that one of the drivers lost consciousness during the accident, but they are unsure of why.

According to reports, the driver of one vehicle, a 73-year-old man, is believed to have passed out, causing him to veer into oncoming traffic. This vehicle collided with another, driven by a 27-year-old man. Both of these individuals were killed in the collision. Reports indicate that another party, a 16-year-old man, also sustained injuries in the collision, but they are considered non-life threatening.

Reports do not give any details about the third vehicle said to be involved. In addition, it is unknown whether the 16-year-old who survived the crash was a passenger in one of the cars or the driver of another car. It is also unclear what the status is of any investigation into the cause of this accident.

Car accidents are devastating on many levels. Beyond the physical pain suffered by those injured, there is a great deal of emotional pain suffered by the families of those killed. It is likely that the families of those involved in this accident are eager to learn what happened to cause the death of their loved ones. As these details are brought to light, the families may seek to determine whether they have any recourse under Tennessee’s personal injury laws.

Under these laws, when anyone is injured or killed on a Tennessee roadway due to the negligence of another party, they or their families may be able to seek compensation for their injuries, or the loss of a loved one. Car accidents leave behind financial burdens in addition to grief. Nothing can undo the devastating events that have already occurred, but successful wrongful death or personal injury claim – as the case may be – may help prevent an emotional tragedy from turning into a financial one as well.

Source:, “Two die in three-car crash in Hamblen County,” Feb. 22, 2013




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