Pedestrians can cause car accidents on Tennessee highway

Typically, when there are car accidents involving pedestrians on the highway, the drivers are thought of as the cause of the accident. However, a recent news story points to the fact that pedestrians can also be the cause of car accidents on Tennessee highways. In this particular case, several people, including the pedestrian, were injured and needed medical attention.

According to the news report, officials contend a man purposely jumped over a median and entered traffic. Authorities are not even sure how many times the man was hit on the highway. Reportedly, a number of drivers navigated their vehicles in an attempt to avoid hitting the pedestrian. A number of those vehicles collided with others.

The pedestrian at the center of the multi-vehicle melee was in critical condition in a nearby medical facility. Three other people were also transported from the scene in need of medical attention. The highway was closed for several hours as a result of the accident.

While it is unclear why the man intentionally entered traffic, the ensuing collisions put people’s lives at risk. While there is no mention of criminal charges as of yet, those who were involved in the crash may have cause to pursue legal action against the pedestrian in a Tennessee civil court. Car accidents that occur can result in medical expenses, lost wages or costly damage to vehicles. Those who found this car accident unavoidable and suffered monetary damages as a result may be able recoup what they have lost if the driver is found to be negligent in a civil court.

Source:, “Pedestrian hit on I-24 in Nashville,” March 12, 2013




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