Car accidents due to dangerous roads — where lies the fault?

Motor vehicle accidents may leave the drivers of the vehicles second guessing themselves, wondering if perhaps they were careless. While driver negligence or recklessness are often the cause of car accidents, dangerous roadways are also responsible for a significant number of collisions. Tennessee government road agencies are obliged to ensure that road designs are safe and the roadways maintained properly. This is, however, not always the case.

Quite often, the victims of an accident do not even consider the possibility of a claim against the government agency responsible for the roads. Typically, they are only focused on the recklessness or negligence another driver.  The lawyers at our firm may be able to help you answer many of your questions. By asking the correct questions, we will be able to help you clarify if driver negligence is the only reason for the accident and/or if the road held hidden dangers. In either circumstance, the parties against whom a claim may be filed will be identified. 

Our Tennessee firm has handled many difficult dangerous roadway claims. Despite the difficulty of these types of claims, we have been successful numerous times. In these cases, it is not only necessary to prove liability, but also that the agency involved was in control of the road design was aware of the dangerous conditions and did not act accordingly. 

Victims of car accidents in Tennessee who believe that they have been victims of an accident because the responsible governmental agency did not do their duty may benefit from a consultation with a lawyer at our firm.  Appropriate action in the aftermath of such a tragedy may even save the lives of others.  By successfully litigating a claim against a government agency after car accidents caused by dangerous road designs, the victims of these accidents may receive financial compensation and also lead the way for spurring changes to make the road safer. For more information, follow the link to our dangerous roadway page.




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