Workplace injury within the construction industry

Tennessee construction workers are faced with job perils on a daily basis.  The construction industry is considered as one of the more dangerous industries to work in. Seeing a colleague suffer a serious workplace injury is not an unfamiliar sight for many construction workers.

A lot has been accomplished, from regulations to work safety programs, not only to prevent accidents on construction sites, but also to create an awareness among everyone involved in the industry. However, the hazardous nature of construction work means there will always be some accidents on construction sites, though the focus is on achieving a significant reduction in those causing serious injury or death. Construction sites expose workers to dangers which range from electrocution to exposure to chemicals and a variety of injuries.

One of the more difficult aspects of a claim after a workplace injury is to determine who may bear responsibility with respect to a workers’ compensation claim. The bigger the project, the more complex the system of contractors, sub-contractors, managers and others. In general, the best way to assess employer responsibility is to determine the extent of control over the premises as well as the control over the work being done.

Tennessee construction workers, or the surviving families of deceased workers, may consider filing a claim after a serious workplace injury. Due to the complexity of these legal matters, consulting a lawyer dedicated to claims arising from  workplace injuries may be a good idea. An attorney can help in identifying the appropriate parties, preparing and presenting workers’ compensation claims for benefits and assessing the potential for initiating a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit when third party liability is apparent.

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